Traverse City Area Local #531





President of this local is: Vince Nichols


You may contact this local's union office by calling:  (231) 935-4140 (Union Cell) or (231) 946-9616 (Post Office Union Line)


You may also contact this local by writing to:  PO Box 142; Traverse City, MI  49685-0142


Physical Address of Union Office:  APWU 531; 1650 Barlow St, Ste 3; Traverse City, MI 49686


In addition to the President, the Executive Board of this local consists of:


  Vice President: Ron Krumrie Work: (231) 922-1816  
  Treasurer: Diana Burfield    
  Secretary: Chris Rose Work: (231) 922-1816 Cell:: (231) 360-4410
  Trustee: Carol Ferguson Work:  (231) 922-1816 Cell:  (989) 390-1059
  Trustee: Becky Akerman Work:  (231) 922-1816 Cell:  (231) 590-4265


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Stewards for this Local area as follows:

Tour 1 Stewards Tour 2 Stewards Tour 3 Stewards
Ron Krumrie Gerald Beeman  
Debora Holmes (1st Alternate) Steve Duede (1st Alternate) Vince Nichols (1st Alternate)
Drew Kauska (2nd Alternate)    
Maintenance Stewards MPO Barlow
Chris Rose Steve Duede Gerald Beeman
Rob Burrus Gerald Beeman (1st Alternate) Steve Duede (1st Alternate)