Detroit District Area Local


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President of this local is:  Keith Combs


You may contact this local's union office by calling:  (313) 532-9305 or contact the President on his cell at:  (313) 330-7030


You may also contact this local by writing to:  20530 Southfield Rd; Detroit, MI 48235


In addition to the President, the Executive Board of this local consists of:


Executive Vice President Tony Friday  
Secretary-Treasurer: Tawana Hodge  
Recording Secretary Debra Zabrzenski  
Organization Director Dana Beard Sr.  
Director, Human Relations Renee Miller  
Legislation Director Regina Favors  
Sergeant at Arms Marcus (Chill) Williams Jeremy Allen
Clerk Craft Director Jill Ramirez  
Asst Clerk Craft Director Everett Hall  
Clerk Craft Trustees Stephanie Gant Latoya "Toya" Lattimore
Maintenance Craft Director Tournez Green  
Asst. Maintenance Craft Director Larry Bourassa  
Maintenance Trustee Anthony "Tony" Latimer, Sr.  
NDC Director Tracey Thorns  
Motor Vehicle Craft Director Rico Cameron  
Asst. MVS Director Albert "Al" Lewis
MVS Trustee David Couch  
Mail Handler Trustee Kimberly Durden  


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