Area 7, 8, & 9 District Meeting

March 2-3, 2007 - Kalamazoo, Michigan



Friday, March 2nd, the weather was blustery, but the information shared was hot, right off the pages of our new National Agreement and with the new Question and Answers being signed at National only minutes before we started, it seemed like the day and the weekend was only to get better.  John Clark, Lynn Pallas-Barber, Percy Harrison, Merlie Bell, and Troy Rorman was on hand to help those in attendance to interpret the new contract and to teach (which they did an outstanding job, I might add) .  NBAs Mike Foster and Gary Kloepfer from National came in on Friday night to teach their respective craft issues on Saturday.  From what I can personally attest to, this was probably one of the best we have seen in quite some time.  Even though the hotel was overbooked, and there were bunches (and I do mean....A LOT) of kids running around the hotel (they were holding a Youth Retreat there too at the same time).....we made it work. 



At this District Meeting, however, a CD of the photos was not handed out.  Instead, all the photos taken are available on here.  Due to the amount, please click the below links for the pictures you wish to view or use/download.


Day 1 - General Session

Day 1 - Dinner and Speakers

Day 2 - Classes