Area 1, 2, & 3 District Meeting

March 11 & 12, 2005

Southfield Westin; Southfield, Michigan


This meeting started off by having an open general session, where the attendees heard from National Assistant Legislative Director Steve Albaneese, National Business Agents John Clark and Lynn Pallas-Barber, and MPWU President Gary VanHoogstraten.  Many items were discussed and the attendees walked away with information about the fight in Congress, and what we can do locally to help our members.  From there, the Attendees broke apart and went to different classes.  On Friday, the classes offered were:  RI-399, and Family Medical Leave Act.  The classes on Saturday was a first.  Bill Manley, NBA Support Services taught an RCI class for those stewards and members of our Organized Facility in the Detroit area.  Other classes that were taught on Saturday included:  Maintenance Issues, JCIM, along with another open forum in the afternoon.  Overall, the feeling from the attendees to this District Meeting was a great meeting.   Thanks to Detroit District Area Local, 480-481 Area Local, and the Troy Local for putting on a great meeting.


I hope you enjoy the photos of this meeting as much as the attendees did.



The Attendees of the RCI Class