Area 4, 5, & 6 District Meeting

January 30 - 31, 2009

Saginaw, MI


What a wonderful weekend it turned out to be.  Hardly no snow, but it was warm and heated inside with some lively discussions.  Training was paramount on Saturday, but Friday was open to the membership asking questions and getting answers from our NBAs.  John Clark and Lynn Pallas-Barber (NBAs from Chicago (Clerk Craft)) were on hand to field the questions and bring answers to the field. 


On Saturday morning, the training started and for some, continued right through lunch time.  Lynn Pallas taught approximately 50 people the ins-and outs of excessing and Article 12.  While at the same time, Richard Blake (MPWU Clerk Craft Director) had his hands full with Basic Stewards training.  All the meantime, Larry Miller (MPWU Maintenance Craft Director) was teaching and showing Maintenance stewards some new "tricks".


After returning from lunch, Lynn and John Clark joined forces and taught an Advanced Stewards   While Larry continued with Maintenance training, and Jennifer Amos (MPWU Human Relations Director) taught the finer points of OWCP.


This District Meeting was probably one of the best attended meetings I have seen in quite some time.  For a meeting, we had approximately 80 stewards and union officials in attendance.  I hope each of you who attended had a great opportunity to learn and have your questions answered.


See you in June in Bay City at the Educational Convention.  Enjoy the photos of this event below.




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Day 1 - Meet and Greet and Open Forum

Day 2 - Training Sessions