Area 1, 2, & 3 District Meeting


Troy was the setting for a beautiful weekend, and excellent instruction at this year's Area 1, 2, & 3 District meeting.  While the amount of people that turned out was a little disappointing, the training that was given, made those who did not attend, sorry to have missed it.  NBAs John Clark (JCIM, and Article 37), Lynn Pallas-Barber (Basic and Advanced Stewards), and Troy Rorman (Maintenance Issues), along with MPWU Directors Richard Blake, and Jane Duggan did an outstanding job teaching those stewards and officers in attendance what they need to keep strong in the fight.  On Friday, information was the name of the game.  Cynthia Gladyness and Bob Racine (both EAP District Consultants) was on-hand and taught everyone a little bit more about what EAP is and what it does for them and the membership.  Afterwards, the MPWU was the first of any state by offering the membership information on how they and their members can afford and what to do to get your children into and through college.  Mike Humann ( was there to teach us a little about college planning.


Take a look at the photos and I hope you enjoy.




Day 1 - General Session

Day 1 - Dinner and Speakers

Day 2 - Morning Classes

Day 2 - Afternoon Classes